Evifin Oy

Do you know where it is and how many there are and what they might be reserved for?

Do you need to be recognized, for example in information or other systems, or be signed due to your profession?

We have been working in the field of Automatic Identification and Data Capture since 1999, the online store has been in operation since 2003. AIDC refers to methods that help automatically identify items by collecting data and registering them to needed systems.
Technologies typically considered as part of the AIDC include barcodes, radio frequency identification (RFID), biometrics (such as iris, sound, face, finger and palm identification systems), magnetic strips, optical character recognition (OCR) as well as various smart cards (ID cards / professional cards).

Our selection includes a wide range of products and software’s to support our customers in the field of production, material management and identification. These are implemented to enhance reliability and promote business development by automating routine operations.

We supply complete solutions and extensions / integrations to existing systems; production processes and inventory management, or increasingly to identify a person, usually in IT equipment and software.

With our own auxiliary name (www.snippet.fi) we also make content production for businesses, associations and individuals. We design, implement and maintain modern web pages (websites / home pages) and online stores and we do translations (FI / SE / EN) for companies, associations and other communities.