Reliable identification!

Identification has become commonplace in many areas, both for individuals and in different occupations. Identification can take place in a variety of ways, either biometrically by personal traits (iris, sound, face, fingerprint or palm) or with various personal smart cards (personal, occupation, access or chip card).

Readers associated with our identification are all trustworthy; secured to be working together with established importers, software vendors and national requirements organizations.

Cards containing a citizen certificate in a microchip (ID card, HST card) are becoming more and more popular because they allow people to identify themselves reliably and safely. These ID cards are, in addition to the passport, the only official documents identifying a person. The best known and most common chip card is an electronic ID card. Microcircuit cards are referred to as many different names, meaning the same thing: identity card, smart card, chip card etc. Similarly, an electronic ID card reader is known under different names: ID card reader, access card reader, occupation card reader and often just smart card readers.

The identity card of the ID card also acts as a network key for example toward insurance, education, municipal and state administration services. The service offering is growing steadily and one can now say that the ID card is one unique key to numerous services. In addition, card certificates can encrypt and electronically sign information such as emails.

If you so wish, you can combine health insurance information with your ID card to replace the separate KELA card.

Examples of public administration services where identification can be made by an electronic ID card:

An identity card issued to a Finnish citizen is issued as an identity document and as a travel document to all EU countries, from non-EU countries to San Marino and Switzerland. There is no need for a travel document in the Nordic countries, but the identity must be possible to be reliably demonstrated if necessary.

The Health Care Card is used in the following healthcare functions: electronic signature of prescriptions and recognition of healthcare information systems in eResepti, eArkisto and eKatselu (e-resepti, e-arkisto, e-katselu). The service related to is used by doctors and dentists to produce electronic prescriptions for patients ("recipes") using a healthcare professional card and a card reader. Other healthcare professionals (nurses, physiotherapists, massage therapists, etc.) will also enter patient information into the database, either directly or through Acute, Ajas, or Diarium systems, for example.

PRC produces various health care cards such as: Professional card (personal, user, eg doctors, nurses and pharmacists), ID card (organization-specific, other healthcare personnel, eg departmental secretaries and IT staff), and Worker Card (organization-specific, Eg information system suppliers and consultants).

Building Energy Certificate Information system and the Energy Regulatory Register maintained by ARA:
the energy certifiers who are registered in the system write energy certificates for buildings and electronically sign them in the Energy Certificate Register. The electronic signature of the energy certificate is an electronic identity card.

The Certificate Services Unit of the Population Register Center (PRC) grants citizen, organizational, e-mail and server certificates, healthcare professional certificates (server certificate for the use of Kanta services), and signature certificates for travel documents.

The public administration card is used, for example, in identifying ministries, agencies and institutions in their own information systems, encrypting e-mails and documents, and making electronic signatures. The smart cards are produced by PRC's Verification Services Unit.

A card reader is required to identify a smart card (identity card or another smartcard). Identification of an electronic identity card requires that an electronic ID card reader is attached to the computer (or another device). Evifin Oy's range of all smart card readers is ISO-compliant. These card readers all serve the same purpose and the choice between them can be emphasized on computer connectivity, size, appearance, vertical or horizontal structure or even color.