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    We are professionals in the field of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), since 1999. We deliver solutions from small business needs, to large groups. AIDC refers to methods that help identify products and individuals, gather information and record them in the required systems for further use.

    We deliver complete solutions, as well as extensions to the existing system. Whether it is linked to the production process, inventory management, or the identification of a person's rights, usually in IT equipment and software. Our services also include counseling and guidance, whereby we develop new or improve existing inventory management solutions.


    Marking of products

    Traditional barcode systems are still a cost-effective solution even today where hand- or fixed reading is possible.

    RFID technology-based markings and hardware are required for fast product data read-out by radio, without visual contact.

    Remote sensors and other ancillary products can be used to monitor and control critical conditions easily and effortlessly.


    Ensuring rights

    Identification by means of a separate personal or smart card, as well as a company-specific ID card, is done by an electronic "key".

    With biometric features, authentication and securing rights is based on personal biological properties.

    Content production that matches your requirements. Do you need websites, e-commerce, or optimize them? We will take the solutions that match your needs, by cooperating.


    Ask us of possibilities

    Whether you're thinking about identifying or inventory management, or Need help finding the best and most cost-effective solution to your needs.

    Your self-made or custom-made application can be implemented on a single development platform that simultaneously provides software for both Android, Windows and iOS platforms.

    Productive office and industrial work is based on comfortable, entertaining and safe environmental conditions.

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